The lighting design process by the Lars Lighting team of experts includes all important stages

Customer requirements analysis

The first step is to understand the specific needs of the client’s building and establish lighting goals and requirements. This process takes into account factors such as the size and shape of the rooms, the type of work being performed, the desired atmosphere, and specific lighting requirements such as task lighting or highlight lighting.

Lighting audit

After determining the goals and requirements for lighting the space, the next step is to conduct a lighting audit.

This involves carefully analyzing the current lighting system, identifying areas that require improvement, determining the number of electrical connections, and determining the specific lighting needs for each part of the space in accordance with standards.

Selection of fixtures

After determining the lighting system, the next step is to select appropriate luminaires, taking into account design parameters, building parameters and the available budget.

An additional important factor when choosing luminaires is their energy efficiency, color rendering ability and luminous flux, which is important for the final quality of lighting.

Lars lighting efficiency analysis

The next step is to prepare and present to the client an analysis of the energy savings that will be obtained after replacing the existing lighting with Lars Lighting Intelligent Lighting.

In the analysis, we take into account the dimming systems used in the lamps, motion sensors and daylight sensors, and we will determine how they are programmed.

System installation and testing

After completing the design and planning stages, together with the client, we select a lighting circuit on which the luminaires are installed and tested to ensure that the system works properly and that the selected parameters meet the desired lighting levels and generate the assumed electricity savings.

Financing methods

We offer cash-free replacement of existing luminaires with Intelligent Lars Lighting LED luminaires, and we repay the investment in the following years from savings obtained from reducing electricity consumption. This also translates into reduced CO2 emissions and a reduced carbon footprint.

Finalizing the order

After the tests are completed and the offer is accepted by the client, we begin the installation of Lars Lighting Intelligent Lighting Fixtures. The installation can be performed by our team of experts or a company indicated by the client, and we will program the sensors inside the luminaires and train the client in how to use the remote control to control the luminaires.

Collaboration with Lars Lighting

During the entire lighting design process, specialists from Lars Lighting work closely with clients to ensure that the created lighting system is consistent with their needs. Lars Lighting's lighting designers consider aspects of sustainable lighting and energy efficiency to ensure that your lighting system is as environmentally friendly and economically viable as possible.

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Used in Lars Lighting fixtures

Motion sensor with adjustable range
Normal and reduced light power mode
Dynamic mixing of daylight and artificial light
CCT.ai – Possibility to dynamically adjust the light color
Mesh network support (WiFi, Bluetooth)
Integration with BMS systems
Radar support – 5 GHz, 21 GHz, 60 GHz

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